Metal that caresses at the frequence of the Upper Spheres. The Idea of Stefano Russo.

Wherever vital energy flows, it all begins with the atom. And at the centre of every atom is a nucleus. The creative heart of the Athomie project is Stefano Russo, designer and explorer of the material and the senses. Eyes fixed upon on the cosmic flows, a spirit dancing to the sound of change and the rhythm of the planets, of Man and of Nature; hands and mind busy giving concrete, practical shape to this vision, both earthly and cyclopean.

In his workshop of art and science, he is constantly seeking and redefining the balance not just between the senses and the material, between functionality and aesthetic impact, but, at a deeper level, between the joy of beauty and loveliness and the harmony with the seemingly most remote of universal mechanisms. Perfect celestial alignment between the laws and impressions of Nature, hi-tech materials and solutions, the everyday functionality of the object. In the brilliant vanity of the jewellery or the serviceable sophistication of the eyewear, the fulcrum is the Human Body – with the senses and their organs – that lies at the centre of Creation, with frequencies and vibrations running through it.

  • Stefano Russo


    Stefano Russo lavora tra Milano e Parigi come designer e direttore creativo con brand leader nel settore moda specializzato in gioielli, occhiali e accessori ed allo stesso tempo sta sviluppando un progetto tra arte/scienza.

 The continual movement of the electrons around the nucleus, made up of neutrons and protons, inspires the constant motion of all things, visible and invisible. This is the principle at the base of Athomie, expressed through a concept concentrated on the senses of touch and sight. This is the springboard for the creation of objects containing Atoms-Spheres, as a molecular structure, volumes that revolve and glide across the skin like a caress, creating unique tactile sensations and vibrations. The interaction of each item with the wearer extends beyond the mere relationship with beauty, introducing a new form of engagement and experience between the jewellery and the skin".

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