Just like the very structure of the Whole, akin to the movements of the cosmos, there is nothing random about Athomie. It’s a revolution, and like any other movement – be it physical or human – there are reasons, laws, purposes behind it. It’s a revelation, and all the more deserving of admiration because, like any other extraordinary change, there’s an intuition behind it. A new concept of jewellery is emerging, brought to life through the eyes, indeed more so through touch, through contact with the skin.
A pleasantly mystifying surprise that stimulates the senses, engendering sensations of wellbeing and harmony, time and again.

Hands, fingers, skin, pulsating with warm life, love to linger on the metal, enlivened by the sensual touch of the rotating, fluctuating spheres and capture their beat. A movement that escapes the eye, enraptured by the penetrating refraction of the light. Behind Athomie, just like the backdrop to a Space exploration, lie a host of laboratory tests, experiments and an international patent that is the seal of the novel, exclusive nature of the result. A dazzling universe born to last, entrusting its aesthetic and spiritual portrayal to the ideas of the designer Stefano Russo.


 Nothing exists except atoms and empty space. Everything else is opinion.

— Democrito di Abdera


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